Private Professional High School „BANKER”

was established in 1994. It is the only Bulgarian school awarded with an International Gold Star for Quality (1997).
PPHS “Banker” issues Diplomas for pre-secondary education with an intensive English language learning (after 8th grade), Diplomas for secondary education and Certificates for vocational training in:
Vocational Field "Finance, Banking and Insurance" -major "Banking" (3430101)
Vocational Field "Management and Business Administration" - major "Small and Middle-sized Business" (3450501)
During the full course of education the stress is put primarily on language preparation, computer education and specialized software training.
During the past 15 years 513 students have graduated the school in the field of “Banking and Insurance” with an intensive English language learning. More than 70 of them represent Bulgaria in universities abroad – the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, The United Kingdom, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Russia, China and other countries and the rest continue their studies at leading/top Bulgarian universities. A lot of the graduates after having successfully completed their bachelor and master degrees here or abroad eitherwork in leading financial institutions – Bulgarian National Bank, Raiffeisenbank, UniCreditBulbank, DZI Bank, Municipal Bank, Emporikibank, Sofia Stock Exchange “Capital Market”, etc. or successfully manage companies of their own. 
The vocational preparation is oriented towards contemporary subjects in the field of marketing, financial and legal insurance of capital markets and investments.
Lecturers in vocational subjects are leading professionals from financial institutions, university professors and representatives of the business world – Bulgarian National Bank, CiBank, Sofia Stock Exchange “Capital Market”, Agency for Economic Analysis and Forecasting, Bankservice, University of National and World Economy, International Business School, etc.
Educational and practical training is organized as training and simulation sessions, virtual companies as well as apprenticeship in the activities of financial institutions.
As of now PPHS “Banker” was financed under the terms of Leonardo da Vinci program of the EU for six “Mobility” projects. The partner host organizations in the projects are leading financial institutions and educational institutions.